I'm interested in problem solving, communication and design.


I'm pursuing a Masters in Interaction Design and Electronic Arts at the University of Sydney. I started in July 2015.

I have lived in Singapore for the past 12 years. I've been with IBM for 7 years as a senior consultant across southeast Asia. My role covered areas across two service lines - Strategy & Analytics (S&A) and Interactive Experience & Mobile (iXM). Before that, I was part of SenseGraphics in Stockholm and a couple of other startups. When I was there, some friends and I put together the Hej!2007 conference which turned out a lot better than we hoped. It was a pretty exhilarating experience. I'm currently working on projects with Code on Canvas.

I was born in Muscat and grew up in Beau Bassin, Mauritius. I majored in computer engineering with an interest in networks and computer graphics from the National University of Singapore. I also spent a year studying systems engineering and human computer interaction at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. I hold a minor in technology entrepreneurship. My parents and family are from India, but for me, Mauritius comes closest to 'home'. After 12 years in the country, Singapore is up there too.

A couple of stints in startups and that year in Stockholm sparked an intense interest in technology, startups and open source. Over time, that has broadened to a love for curiosity, exploration, hacking and doing. Today, I continue to pursue other projects as best I can. I enjoy programming, gaming and I am a metalhead.

I've been making websites since the time I got my hands on what was then Macromedia Dreamweaver 4.0. Over the years, I've had some form of presence on the internet, and this is my current home.