The last time I tried Squarespace, I even paid for a couple of months of service before deciding that it wasn't for me. There were a couple of niggles that, when put together, discouraged me from continuing.

Here's a thing though. Squarespace customer support really is phenomenal. When they talk about "award-winning" and "dedicated 24/7" customer support, they mean it. I've always got email responses within the hour. And it's not an automated message to let you know they've received your note. It's a useful response from a real human being.

Even though I quit Squarespace at the time, my experience with their support team was definitely a high point. I even had a lengthy email conversion regarding how blog permalinks should, in my opinion, work in the event the home page of a site changed. Several times, the team went as far as identifying div ids in the page, telling me the custom CSS to use (and sometimes inserting it themselves) to make the site look just the way I'd wanted.

At the time, I had a blog on Tumblr and things there just seemed easier. I enjoyed the power and flexibility of Squarespace, but something just didn't sit right with how I wanted it to work. Recently though, I've been thinking a bit more about this website. Almost much every podcast I listen to currently have or used to have Squarespace as a sponsor, so I decided to have another go. I signed up for another trial but did not get around to setting anything up for about a month. I kept extending the trial however, because Squarespace are super nice like that.

However, this became a project last weekend and I was pleasantly surprised at how much better things worked out this time. I found a template I was happy with right away. It also was coherent with what I wanted to do here which includes writing more, focusing on side projects and essentially bringing together various bits and pieces together in one place. Tumblr worked well at the time, but Squarespace suits these requirements better going forward while giving me more control and flexibility.

I continue to tweak the theme and layout, and some of the pages aren't done yet. But since I'm a paying customer, I understand my relationship with the service and their terrific support team gives me confidence. Within a couple of days, I signed for a month. The following day, I changed it to the annual plan. No switching back this time.