Negativity and entitlement

Earlier this week, Opera released a preview of the next version of their browser - Opera 15. This is possibly the biggest overhaul in its 17 year existence. It's the first version of the browser to be based on Blink, the Webkit-derived rendering engine. The built in mail client has now been spun off as a separate application, and it also comes with some intriguing features such as the stash and speed dial folders.

The response was swift and scathing. There was admittedly some great feedback. But the overwhelming majority of comments fell somewhere between arrogant entitlement (bring this back or I'm never using your stuff again!) to outright trolling. Some of these, which are now only survived by pullquotes in replies, have been deleted. One person, and I paraphase kindly, said Opera would never be able to contribute anything of value because they have shitty programmers.


Let's take a step back here. A bunch of people worked really hard over the past few months to build this new thing. They've got some ways to go yet but they thought their product worked well enough and were excited to let others take a look. You'd imagine surely most people would have something nice to say about that.

You would be wrong.

Ramkumar ShankarOpera