Doom metal

The music-consuming culture today obsesses over the new and fleeting, leaving precious little time to let the records sink in. Records a few months old are forgotten and albums made 20 years ago are worshipped. The artists making these records still spend months and even years on them, but we're munching on their work like popcorn.

Doom metal is searching, refreshingly slow and deliberate. I have felt many emotions for the first time by listening to doom. My introduction to the genre was in my teenage years and I cannot help but think I would be a very different person now.

It is music that demands time and attention. Emotions are stripped down to their essence - raw and fragile. The songs sometimes sound like they are barely held together. They walk that tightrope between anger and sadness but somehow maintain their footing to avoid falling on either side.

Many of my favourite records in the genre have that feeling. They feel like they are just about to fall apart at any moment. Or that they have already tumbled down the precipice and the sound you hear is from below.

musicRamkumar Shankar