Tailoring is wonderful.

Last Tuesday, I went to a tailor for the first time. I loved it. Vaidehi has been nagging me to get my clothes tailored for some time now, especially because Bangkok seems to have a rather prolific reputation for it.

I had been putting it off, partly due to laziness but also because the experience seemed a bit daunting. There are admittedly numerous great tailors in this city, but many mediocre and some shady ones as well. Where do I start? Which tailor? What are the things I should keep in mind when tailoring?

The road to this started around the time I listened to Jim Ray talk about the well-dressed man. I've since started paying more attention to fit, and what I put on every morning. Until recently, I did not have a pressing need for custom made clothing. I was able to find well-fitting shirts and trousers.

However, when it came to a suit for my wedding later this year, tailoring felt like the best option. I walked in to the store rather apprehensive and clueless. By the time I left, I was so looking forward to my first fitting. Danny, who attended to me, patiently described the different fabrics and weaves. It was tailoring 101 and I enjoyed the lesson. After I selected the fabric, he did the measurements and I started to understand the real value of tailoring.

I will not find a suit off the shelf that will fit me just so.

The most fun I had though, was with the options. Danny went into the anatomy of a suit in detail and I got to choose - the cut, buttons, pockets, lapel, linings, thread colours, sewing my initials in and many more.

There is something rewarding about taking the time to know your clothes and making them your own. Most people prefer to walk into a store and pick something up. I do that too. But two days ago, I enjoyed learning about where the fabric came from and how my suit would get made. I loved having a say in that process. In a time when everyone is in a hurry, going to a tailor asks us to slow down and think. For me, that now matters a lot.

Ramkumar Shankarlife, dressing, clothes