When things just work

The photographers in Mumbai recently started sending us some of our wedding photos. Yesterday, Vaidehi's parents and sister were over at our place and we went through them together on the television.

The living room yesterday was what you'd see in a commercial. A family sitting on and around the sofa going through precious memories. Not only does that make for a good commercial, there is some truth to it as well.

We take technology for granted. We complain when things fail to live up to our expectations, but hardly notice when they exceed them. It was rather amazing that Dropbox worked the way it did. And that we were fortunate enough to have an internet connection that allowed us to download those images in minutes. Or that a few clicks of the mouse meant those images showed up on our television thanks to the Apple TV.

For that one hour, we all laughed and reminisced. It was a wonderful experience that technology enabled. Ultimately, that matters the most.

Ramkumar Shankar