"You're insane if you don't meet with this guy."

Fascinating profile of Christopher Nolan. I always love reading about anyone who cares deeply about their work.

Nolan seemed comfortable as he settled in, if a little apprehensive about the screen, which was recently installed. “When I first walked in, I worried that perhaps the screen had been hung just a little too high, but these headrests are very nice.” The screen was silver, designed for 3-D movies, and he worried his peak whites would go gray. The face of Matthew McConaughey, who stars in the film, materialized on the screen in front of us. “Those whites are O.K. Not bad. This is encouraging."

And to hear him talk about his influences:

Nolan learned the value of such sweep from Ridley Scott. The genius of “Blade Runner,” he told me, is that “you never feel like you’ve gotten close to the edge of the world.”

I'm so looking forward to 'Interstellar'.

Ramkumar Shankar