Rapid prototyping with Ember.js

I've spent the last week intensely focused on Ember.js and I'm only just beginning to understand the power of the framework. Coincidentally, a team at work needed help to develop a click-through prototype of a customer portal. This would be used for demonstration purposes to illustrate specific use cases.

I did something similar a few years ago. At the time, I used Foundation as the front-end framework and Django to handle the views and routes. Javascript MVC frameworks were relatively nascent then, and the documentation was not in great shape.

For this project, I implemented the prototype using Ember.js. As it happens, the framework is particularly well-suited for the task. The basic scaffolding - about 8 screens demonstrating a flow starting from log in to log out - was completed within an hour. Most of the time was spent refining the templates. The number of lines of application code is minimal. Essentially, only a router is needed, and the singular line to create an Ember application. The fact that Ember auto-generates routes and controllers works beautifully here.

Sharing is easy too. Just zip up the project directory and send the file over. People in your team only have to open up index.html in a browser.

Ramkumar Shankar