The Story Wire

Yesterday, Vaidehi and I launched The Story Wire. We first had a glimpse of the idea sometime in late January, and what you see today is the product of careful consideration, work, and feedback from friends and family over the past few months.

The Story Wire is a project that collects and curates stories of everyday people. In a world where we are too quick to put labels on things, the goal is to broaden our horizons of empathy and understanding through the transformative power of storytelling.

This is not a novel idea. We have been tremendously inspired by and grateful for projects that done this for a long time, and way better than we can hope to. These include The Moth, The Story Collider, Radiolab and many, many others (including this incredible lineup of story-driven shows on Radiotopia). They have challenged our perceptions of what is normal, and opened our world to humans we would not have learnt about otherwise.

We made The Story Wire, because we wanted something like this to exist in Singapore. We have some ideas for the future but the immediate focus is to build a collection of stories, a podcast and put together our first live event here. Our goal is to provide a safe space to tell your story, free from anxiety, judgement and fear. We're also working to get professional storytellers on board to give your story structure, clarity of thought, and to make it great for an audience. Our first event is pencilled to take place in May. The theme of the evening will be 'Terrified', and you can pitch your story now.

Keep up with the project with our newsletter, and The Story Wire is also on Twitter and Facebook. If you believe in what we are doing, help us. We will need it.

Thank you.

Vaidehi has also written about the project on her blog.
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