Everything we do seems designed to make this thing possible

Thomas Frank, for Salon, with a great essay on excess and inequality, typified by the McMansion. The piece is focused on the United States, but the consequences of this absurdity will be familiar to most people.

Everything we do seems designed to make this thing possible. Cities must sprawl to accommodate its bulk, eight-lane roads must be constructed, gasoline must be kept cheap, coal must be hauled in from Wyoming on mile-long trains. Middle-class taxes must be higher to make up for the deductions given to McMansion owners, lending standards must be diluted so more suckers can purchase them, banks must be propped up, bonuses must go out, stock prices must ascend. Every one of us must work ever longer hours so that this millionaire’s folly can remain viable, can be sold successfully to the next one on the list. This stupendous, staring banality is the final outcome for which we have sacrificed everything else.

There has to be a better way.

Ramkumar Shankar