There is no way of making reparations for a crime in progress

This is the most powerful essay yet about the events in Ferguson. Ezekiel Kweku (pen name) does not mince the words:

So let’s be clear about the stakes of this conflict: we are trying to decide whether or not Michael Brown was a nigger. A dead human being is a tragedy that needs to be investigated and accounted for. A dead nigger doesn’t even need to be mourned, much less its death justified.

For the life of me, I cannot understand what his taste in music or that "gang sign" had to do with being shot by a police officer. Unfortunately, this narrative persists. Recently someone dug up the link to Michael Brown's profile on SoundCloud pointing to the violent rap songs and lyrics.

...they are looking for a way to turn you into a nigger, and if necessary, they will find one. You will never leave a body pure enough to not be judged complicit in its own destruction.


We live in under a state that is at best, indifferent to our problems, and at worst, actively seeking to destroy us. It is good and right that we hound the state into giving us justice, but blacks cannot delude themselves into thinking that the state will ever become justice. There are no laws that can be passed or reforms that can be pursued that will allow us to stop being vigilant. There are no victories that will bring us peace. We will never be able to pound our swords into plowshares, because we will always have to be prepared to fight. Dr. King, our beautiful prophet, was wrong. The arc of the moral universe does not lead anywhere in particular, not in this life. If it bends towards justice, it is only because it is pulled that way by our constant effort, by our unceasing straining and sweating and shouting.

Must read.

Ramkumar Shankar