Semester 1

The first semester is over. I got my results earlier this week, and I couldn't be happier with how I did overall. It's the kind of results I never got in my undergraduate studies. Despite the best of my intentions and I truly do not wish this to be a humblebrag - I got high distinctions in most of my courses.

A lot of it probably has to do with the the fact that I enjoyed my classes - some more than others (interface design was just terrific). I loved the teachers and the projects we worked on. But I also think taking a break from what I was doing in IBM has reinvigorated my resolve and ambition to do well in this course.

This is what I've worked on this semester in my courses:

  • Interface Design - Atmos, a way to reimagine bookmarking
  • Design Thinking - Jaago, supporting community activism
  • Design Programming - multiple projects: generative art, website banner and a sketchpad
  • Pervasive Computing - Stairathon, a way to encourage people to take the stairs using play and fun

That's a fair bit of work that I can show and talk about.

Ramkumar Shankar