Firefox OS for TV

The Mozilla UX team has been writing about the design of Firefox OS for TV, and it makes for interesting reading.

I'm not entirely convinced about the need to distinguish between applications and live TV, particularly because 'apps' such as Netflix or HBO behave a lot like channels on a television. The web has typically sucked on a television, and there needs to be a better way than an interface that follows the paradigm of a computer.

On another note, the liberal use of circles throughout the interface struck me.

Why a circle? We choose to use the circular shape of our Firefox logo as a source of inspiration. We also think circles have free movement. They can roll, shading and lines can enhance this sense of movement in circle. Circles are warm, humane, comforting and give a sense of sensuality and love. Their movement suggest energy and power. Their completeness suggest infinity, unity, and harmony. You’ll see the circle used throughout the designs of the components, especially in the animations.

Circles are also employed in Firefox OS on the phone. It's like Mozilla wants to own this shape, similar to how a rounded rectangle is characteristic of iOS. Firefox phones also have the circle printed on the home button. The rounded rectangle is the only shape on the front face of an iPhone.

Ramkumar Shankar