One month!

I started my Masters exactly one month ago. It's been quite a ride! I'm doing 4 courses in this first semester. Design Thinking, Interface Design and Design Programming are the core compulsory units. My elective is Pervasive Computing.

It's more or less exactly what I wanted to be studying. Even though it gets hectic, it's all quite fun. In terms of projects and assignments this semester, I have

  • 2 semester-long design briefs
    • Bookmarks revisited - building a better way to bookmark
    • Supporting community activism through technology - honestly, this one's a bit of a head-scratcher to me at the moment
  • Generative design for apparel, and 2 other programming projects that I do not know about at this point
  • Arduino-based hardware project to encourage healthy behaviours

There's a lot on emphasis on research and literature, and not to follow trends because they exist ('flat' design for example). It's expected that every decision be supported by facts and sound reasoning. We're also taught that sketching is also an important tool to explain and ideate, but some people draw so well that it's all kind of depressing sometimes really.

All but one of the first bunch of assignments have been submitted, which means the background research and initial ideas are in. It's now time to build!

Ramkumar Shankar