Generative Lines

We're learning Processing.js here, and our first assignment is to produce a generative design/artwork for printing on apparel or posters. This was my submission.

 Generative Lines

Generative Lines

The sketch involves drawing random lines, still constrained by a few pre-defined rules, between dots on a canvas. The pattern of dots is also generated in an arbitrary fashion. Re-execution of the code will result in a different design. I was very interested in the possibility to use this board of dots as a canvas to draw scenes and other interesting patterns.

I tweaked the canvas size to produce a larger image. Personally, it was too busy as a desktop wallpaper and I can probably work around that by tweaking the number of dots and lines. However, I like it a lot more as a browser theme.

Colourful speed dial on Opera

The theme is also available for download here.

I love some of the other ideas from my classmates, here's one I really like.

Ramkumar Shankar