A Flash Before My Eyes

The following piece appears as notes to the song ‘The Ballet of the Impact’, by Spock’s Beard. It opens the mini-concept ‘A Flash Before My Eyes’ that spans the first 7 tracks of the album. I’ve liked this plenty, for the remarkably vivid descriptions and the simple language. It’s interesting how much three paragraphs can convey.

9:27 a.m., today…

Suddenly, I’m aware of everything that surrounds me. About fifteen feet to my right, there’s an old man picking out roses at a flower cart. He’s leaning on a carved wooden cane, but barely maintaining his balance as a flurry of pigeons rises from the sidewalk around him. A few steps away on the corner, there’s little blonde girl with a pink plastic purse, holding her mother’s hand as they wait to cross the street. I see all of this through the delicate, miniature rainbow made by the sun reflecting off the coffee spray from my “world’s greatest dad” cup, which a moment ago was balanced on the passenger seat.

The intersection of West Lexington and Grant Avenue has become the cosmic nexus of all I am, ever was and will be. As profound as all of that seems, some small part of my brain is distracted by the irony of Mick Jagger singing “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”, coming from the radio of the speeding truck that has just begun ripping through my newly-paid-off, freshly washed Honda Accord.

So, is this it? Is this where an army of angels appears in blinding white light to sing me to my eternal rest? Is this where I sink forever into that darkest bog of dreamless sleep? I never really bought either poetic scenario, but it looks like I may finally get the answers to all of those herb-fueled philosophical questions that sprung up from endless, all-night discussions in college. Of course, this is a lot sooner than I ever imagined having to confront the ultimate reality. There is one thing I know for sure. If I ever wake up, this is going to hurt like hell…

[‘The Ballet of the Impact’ - Spock’s Beard]