Everytime I have to access my voicemail, I feel some of my brain cells die. The menu design is among the most unintuitive ever. Why are the most sensible options always placed last in the voice prompts? When I have new messages, why not take me straight to them? Surely I’m not calling to chit-chat with the voice prompter of doom. And in some menus, they somehow choose the place the options at 1-3-5-8 instead of a more obvious 1-2-3-4. Also, if I didn’t the language options the first few times, I certainly do not need to keep hearing about it everytime I call. It means I’m happy with my current language setting.

Sigh, how I wish we had visual voicemail here. But I suppose any improvement will reduce the time people spend on air checking voicemail, and carriers wouldn’t like that.