At home in Tumblr land

The new version of Tumblr made me do it. ;)

The one thing that was holding me back was comments. But Disqus seems to work well at the moment. Been telling myself that I’ll customize my wordpress template for a while now, but I simply never got down to doing it. Besides, when you’re going through the hectic final semester at university, I suppose it makes you lazy too. And Tumblr just seems to fit very well with the kind of posts I’d like to make, and the bookmarklet comes in very handy.

One alternative was Chyrp which looks very promising really. It seems to have improved a lot since the last time I checked it out. Think of something between Wordpress and Tumblr (if such a thing could exist), considering Tumblr itself could be considered a cross between Wordpress and Jaiku/Twitter. But then, I was too lazy to download and install those modules & feathers.