Black Hearted Woman

Black Hearted Woman by Ten on Grooveshark

I just found myself a new favorite song. Well, it was “The Stranger” for the past couple of days. But that doesn’t matter. Ten has now surely cemented its place among my most loved bands.

This track is taken off the album “Babylon”, released in 2000.

After hearing their new record “Stormwarning”, I decided to check out albums from their back catalogue. “Babylon” is one of those albums that gets mentioned time and again. It’s a futuristic concept album. While I love concept albums, I haven’t really dug into the story here yet to be fair. Most tracks have some spoken bits that move the story along. But that may not even be its strength.

I started listening to Ten only recently (from “Return to Evermore”) and I always regarded Ten as a progressive act. That’s because the last couple of albums had many progressive elements, often relying on complex and sweeping arrangements.

This album is comparatively more straightforward melodic (hard) rock, and it’s an absolute joy to hear. You can almost feel how much fun everyone in the band had writing and playing these songs. Gary Hughes is in fine form. The guitar work from Vinny Burns is amazing, often contributing some exquisite solos. And Don Airey (of Deep Purple fame) creates some beautifully layered moments on the keys.

I wish this band was bigger. They deserve it.