CMD SPACE - 001 - I'm Yelling At Me, With Merlin Mann

I’ve been listening to this, the first episode of Cmd+Space today. The episode, with Merlin Mann, is inspiring, candid and I love it.

In no particular order, some notes:

  • Anything that you do repeatedly will be the thing that you do, and it’ll define who you are. What you say or think doesn’t matter. If you’re watching a lot of cooking shows on tv, it won’t make you a chef. You just watch tv a lot. In my case, reading about programming and writing is neither programming nor writing. Thank you, I needed to hear that.
  • “Priorities are the confluence of care and sacrifice.” What an insight. Make your sacrifices count for the things that matter.
  • The episode was so refreshingly honest, and I really liked the discussion about 43 folders, cranking and how there are more important things in life than what you’re supposed to be doing.
  • When Merlin Mann is saying the things that he does on Back to Work, he’s really just yelling at himself. And when he explains where that comes from and how strongly he feels about the show, you appreciate it more.
  • If you were wondering how Merlin Mann makes a living, there’s some talk about that too.

Go listen to it. It’s terrific and I’m only two-thirds of the way through.