I just installed Fedora 11 on my work machine a couple of weeks ago (together with the necessary software for work) on my thinkpad, and I’m very impressed with the OS. This is the first time I’m using Fedora on a daily basis to get work done. Until now, it’s usually just been trying out the live CD, but nothing more.

Fedora makes Ubuntu look positively dated in a few ways. The implementation of Pulseaudio is great (although this breaks apps that rely on OSS), Plymouth makes boot look very pretty, and virtualization support is way better. Also, I never thought I’d say this but *gasp* I quite prefer PackageKit over Synaptic.

I’m still discovering new things as I use it everyday. The issues I’ve had are usually because Fedora has moved on to something better, and the apps are yet to catch up. Which brings me to the point that the only problem is Fedora might just be a tad *too* bleeding edge to be recommended for people new to linux and/or who are not willing to spend some time on google if they encounter issues. Ubuntu is more straightforward, and is therefore still more suited for people trying Linux for the first time. Regardless, when everything is ironed out, Fedora is a joy to use. I’ll probably get it on my home machine as well when Fedora 12 rolls around.

Ramkumar Shankarfedora, linux