Google vs Apple: Google Doesn't Need To Win - O'Reilly Radar
Making money selling mobile ads requires that Google keep the smartphone market open, plural, competitive. As long as there are multiple smartphones in the market, content developers will be driven towards open standards like HTML5. Developers will build richer and richer HTML content for the phones—and Google will thrive in its core business, placing ads on HTML pages. Google doesn’t need to “win”; they just need to “not lose”, to keep the game open, and to drive open technologies to the next level where they can compete successfully.

Interesting perspective on the Google vs Apple war. I keep saying Google is a unique position in most businesses they compete in whether it’s Apple or Microsoft, and this is why. Their bottom line doesn’t come from selling phones or licensing software. Or as Mike puts it, they don’t need to ‘win’, just ‘not lose’.

(via Ruiwen’s shared items on Google Reader)