How to become an amazing contributor to an opensource project

Daniel Doubrovkine lists it down in 10 bullets.

  1. Have a real problem to solve, business need, or some type of commercially-driven motivation.
  2. Understand the goals of the project and make sure your contribution is in line with them.
  3. Submit complete patches that implement full features. Include any test information and documentation.
  4. Play by the rules of the project that you’re contributing to.
  5. Be humble. Never add your name to the list of contributors yourself—the project leader should do so, if she or he values your work.
  6. Have low expectations. Learn to accept rejection.
  7. Persevere. Improve upon comments and keep sending updates.
  8. Be honest and vocal about your available time and skills.
  9. Be a doer, not a talker or a troll.
  10. Finish what you started, don’t give up.