I don't 'share' a wall post

I’m not one to rant whenever facebook does a re-design, which they seem to be doing way too often these days. In fact, I quite liked the last iteration since it moved all the app boxes which make some profiles pages insanely long to other pages.

However, in this latest quest to copy twitter, they have this made tweaked their ‘publisher’ so much that all you see is the share button everywhere. No matter what or where you post, it’s a ‘share’ button. And when it comes to wall posts, I find it terribly counter-intuitive.

To me, the wall post is quick way of saying hi and for light conversations, the kind of things you don’t really care if other people see them or not. In fact, they can also be private to a certain extent depending on the privacy settings. And a wall post is usually intended at a particular person, unlike a general status update where ‘sharing’ might make more sense. In a wall post, I’m talking/posting/whatever-ing to a particular person. I am not talking to his or her friends.

The whole idea of ‘share’ then just sounds stupid. I leave you with a comic that then explain the rationale behind that decision. No wait, even twitter calls a message intended to someone a reply or direct message.

The Joy of Tech