iPad review status update; request for comments
Why the full court press? The iPad is a new kind of device, hitherto unseen. We believe it takes more than a few hours (or even a day or two) to truly get a feel for something so different, and multiple perspectives are essential. For some people, the iPad is a toy. We view it as an expensive yet potentially game-changing device that deserves sober consideration over several days. We know you understand, as this is how we’ve typically approached all major reviews, be it the Zune, the PS3, the Xbox, or the original iPhone.

If there’s any one website that can be counted on for a thorough and comprehensive review, it’s Ars Technica. In fact, I think they write the best reviews out there. And I, for one, am eager to know their thoughts on the iPad. Head on over and sound off if there’s anything you’d like them to cover in their review.

Ramkumar ShankariPad, Apple