It's nice

I’m at my desk and a colleague walks by. Let’s call him Anil. Anil notices two phones beside my laptop. He recognizes the iPhone 4 but not the other. Out of curiosity, he says “hey, which phone is this?” and proceeds to pick it up.

Anil: “Is that…is that the iPhone 5? When did you get it?”
Me: “Last week, when I was in Singapore.”

He shouts out to a few other people that he is holding the new iPhone. I’ve owned the device for little over a week now. Notwithstanding the one person who noticed it last week on my way in, I was in the clear. And now there goes any hope of this being low profile.

He is still asking me questions - what I think about it, how much it cost - while he proceeds to try out the device. He walks over to the windows to take a picture. Works great. He tries panorama. Impressed.

He cradles the device in his hand and points out how thin and light the device is. He changes the brightness of the screen and loves the display and contrast. Tries the music player next. But I had very little downloaded music besides melodic death metal, which was not his cup of tea.

Anil wants one. For a moment, he was considering asking me to get him one from Singapore. Another woman said she is definitely buying the white version when the device is launched here in Thailand. Others just wanted to see and hold it in their hands.

There was no talk of NFC, screen size or dock connectors. The phone just felt nice. Some features can’t be measured by check boxes.