Jaiku extension for Firefox?

I’ve spent the past hour trying out some Firefox extensions. The most useful ones to me are the small notifiers (like Gmail or Google Reader) which will reduce the number of tabs I keep open when surfing. I also found this nifty tool called “Dashblog” which lets you collect content from the web pages you browse and publish them on your blog. Besides that, I have the Delicious extension installed for easy bookmarking. And Firebug have always been a staple for me.

But talking about notifiers, the one thing I’ve come to miss after this extension adventure trip, is a Jaiku interface for Firefox. There’re a few to choose from if you’re on Twitter, but nothing that I could find for Jaiku (I understand the Jaiku API has been acting up lately as well). A pity. In fact, it makes me want to do one myself. If you have any good resources on developing firefox extensions, do leave a note in the comments!

On the other hand, I now have a list of extensions to check out. Thanks for the suggestions everyone! I’ll certainly take a look at those.