Keyboard shortcut to the bookmark manager in Google Chrome

The bookmarks bar in Chrome is useful. I use it as a place links or bookmarklets accessed frequently, or websites I intend to check out later. It can be toggled quickly using a keyboard shortcut, just like the bookmarks panel in Opera.

However, that’s about it. For other things, you’ll need to go to the bookmarks manager. Unfortunately, as far as I can tell, there is currently no keyboard shortcut for that. Personally I found having to move the mouse pointer to click on the wrench and then “Bookmark Manager” very unwieldy. You could bookmark the “Bookmark Manager” but that still didn’t feel quick.

If this frustrates you as well, this may help. Here’s what I settled on.

Add the bookmark manager as a custom search like so. I just used “bm” as the keyword, just in case I ever decide to use “b” for Bing. :)

Note that on a Mac, Cmd+Option+B is the shortcut to the bookmark manager. But this may be faster on Windows or Linux (instead of the Alt+E then B).