Supposed HP Slate prototype video (via John Gruber)

This ties in well with that post I read yesterday via mnmal.

We often hear that Apple “plays the game” better than Sony, HP, Dell, etc – that’s not quite right. Apple is playing an entirely different game. What’s most amazing about this? Nobody else seems to want to play with them, they just keep playing the “other” game, and poorly.

This is indeed, by all accounts, just painful to watch. Much has already been said about it. Hard to believe things like this still get released 5 months after the iPad.

On another note, if it’s meant to be used in landscape (as the logos and buttons seem to indicate), that front camera placement is odd. There are many other things that are worse here though. Who let this out? Oh well, I suppose we’ll still hear “it has flash support!” at some point.

Please HP, pray tell what you’re doing with WebOS.

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