Oh, but we’re very, very busy zombies. We’re reading e-mail. We’re tweeting and retweeting. We’re downloading apps, and uploading photos. We’re updating our Facebook status and reading our news feeds and telling the whole world what we like and don’t like, because for some reason we imagine that the whole world actually cares. You know what we’re not doing? We’re not thinking. We’re processing. There’s a difference.

We have amazing new systems and tools for communicating information. The problem is we’ve become so fascinated with the means of transmission that we’ve lost sight of what’s actually passing along over the wires and airwaves.

Lyons, on why Obama’s right on that whole ‘put down your iPad’ thing. (via newsweek)

While I tend to agree with this article, with any new system or tool, it all comes down to how we use them. Having to wade through all that information is a good problem to have, isn’t it?