Opera 11.50 "featherweight" interface

Opera unveiled the first phase of project Featherweight in with the release of Opera 11.50. And boy, does it pack a punch.

The interface is so much cleaner and pleasant to use. Gone are the borders around the buttons. That was something I used to do by editing the toolbar.ini file, but it didn’t look this good. The colours are brighter and softer. The theme also introduces a subtle crease on a tab to indicate that indicates its content has changed.

Almost every aspect of the browser has been touched by this interface redesign. It’s quickly apparent that wasn’t a piecemeal effort. This is a holistic redesign of the entire browser interface, taking ideas that simplify and streamline right from the start.

It works wonderfully well (although the tab close button is now moved to the right on a Mac as well). It’s as good as Chrome, but does not sacrifice the flexibility, features and power that I’ve always loved about Opera.

P.S. About time Firefox makes its UI feel as light and fast too.