Poets of the Fall - Carnival of Rust (Special Edition HD Remaster)

Ah shucks, why have I not taken the time to explore Poets of the Fall yet? I loved “Late Goodbye” ever since I first heard it in Max Payne 2, and I’ve since kept telling myself I should check out their discography further.

And I finally got around to it. Good for me, they just released a greatest hits compilation, Alchemy Vol. 1, a couple of months ago which was a perfect starting point. I also got Twilight Theater, but this post is about ‘Carnival of Rust’.

PofF isn’t always in regular rotation in my playlists, but when they get going as they do in this song, few bands can match their fantastic brand of melodic rock, lyrics and searing emotion. Marko Saaresto’s vocals are a huge part of their sound. The tenor of his voice and his range is wonderful to hear.

Back to the video then. Wow. This is such a well-made video. It was voted the best Finnish music video of all time. Yes, the award really does say ‘of all time’. The Finns take their music videos very seriously.

The music and lyrical subject matter is beautifully presented. The slow-motion shots, the writings and characters in the ‘carnival’, the three quarters in the woman’s hand, the trapped puppet (turns out Marko is a good actor too)…the attention to detail is stunning. If you love reading into lyrics as much as I do, this is a video you will watch more than once, making your own interpretations every time. The special edition remaster adds more detail, depth and clarity to a video which was already pretty great to start with. Top drawer music from Poets.