Positive Money » 97% Owned

Important and timely film explaining our monetary system and its fundamental flaws. If you’re also interested in these topics, the film will further help you grasp the key issues in clear and easy to understand terms. 

Where does the money come from? What is inflation, and how does it happen? What does economic growth mean? Some of the facts in the film were new to me, and I’m sure they’ll come as a surprise to many others too.

To its credit, the film also discusses alternatives to our chronic debt-fuelled system. This was a welcome change from “The Inside Job” which explored how changes in policies and banking practices brought about the financial crisis. Essential viewing, but Charles Ferguson’s film was also ultimately disheartening because there seemed to be no way out. If “The Inside Job” made you so very angry at the system, “97% owned” tries to change that into directed action. And starting to talk about this is as good a step as any.