Posting guidelines anyone?

Using a variety of services ranging from Jaiku, Tumblr, to Facebook and more, I’m starting to form an informal set of guidelines to decide what goes where. And it became more important after switching to Tumblr, since it blurs the difference between a full-blown Wordpress blog and a microblogging service such as Jaiku.

  • Length. Probably one of the most obvious criteria. This post wouldn’t fit on Jaiku. If I have something more to say, then Facebook or this place is more appropriate.
  • Content. So now I’ve decided to post music reviews and other related on my journal.
  • Open-ness. This explains why the number of posted items on my facebook account is low.
  • Intended people. Since we’re all members of many different communities, the post should go in the channel which is most accessible to the audience.

In essence, the key is to avoid being “noise”. No one likes noise. Gone are the days when people crammed everything in one place because their content wouldn’t get noticed otherwise. Today, if people are following you, in all likelihood they’re already following you in the right places. And I’d want my content (or “noise” if you will) to reach people following me by a method that’s easy and convenient for them. In other words, avoid being a nuisance. So how do you decide what goes where?

Ramkumar Shankar