Pretty Pictures!

So this is what my ray tracer does:

rendered by my ray tracer

Thanks to these fine folks: ;)

  • Intel Core2 Quad Processor. For rendering 4 different images, and yet allowing me to write my report, email and talk, all at the same time.
  • Microsoft Visual Studio. It’s a neat IDE, really. I wouldn’t install it on my own PC, but if there’re two things I like from Microsoft, it’s this and the new Office, which brings me to…
  • Microsoft Word. For letting produce a good looking report fast.
  • Zamzar. For converting that report to PDF, and making it look even better.
  • Gmail. Making those emails and attachments that fly around just before submission more manageable.
  • Meebo. Without you, it’d be way more messy to get connected with project mates.
Ramkumar Shankar