Motorola and Nokia have announced new devices, ahead of Apple’s upcoming event next week. I didn’t care much for the droid devices and their very android-phone names. However, beautiful new phones from Nokia.

But no release dates. [1]

We have seen five generations of the iPhone now. Apple’s refresh cycle is very regular. Everyone and their parents (and kids) know when a new iPhone is coming out. We also know that the device will be available for sale within 2 weeks of announcement.

It baffles me how these companies keep doing what they do. Enough scrambling. To start playing the game, commit to a date. It’s not rocket science. But it is very hard work.

[1] Motorola is marginally better here, but they have other problems (the names, overlap among the models and the fact that they ship with an older version of Android).

Ramkumar ShankarApple, iPhone