Shallow but strongly-held opinions

You’re supposed to post about them…somewhere. Most of the time, they add nothing to the conversation.

Insight and astute analysis doesn’t come from being first. As if being first means anything. When you’re first, you react. And when you react, the less you think. This struck me when I was listening to the Linux Action Show the other day. I figured it’d be interesting to hear what they might have to say about the Ubuntu phone OS. In short, they reacted to the news. They didn’t think about it. The same angles and stories kept repeating themselves all too often in the show.

This urge to react has made me tired and cynical. I see it mostly in tech punditry, but you find it elsewhere too. In the news. On twitter and facebook. You’re supposed to post about things. React.

In technology, I think about John Siracusa’s intelligent discussion of Microsoft in an episode of Hypercritical. The fact that he can talk about toasters and game controllers in just about the same way says a lot. Or Horace Dediu on product trajectories when comparing the iPad to the Kindle Fire. The lazy take would simply conclude that the iPad will fail because the Kindle Fire is cheaper.

Sadly, that latter story is the norm.

I guess my point here is you can’t just react to things. Bring some art to it. Thought. And passion. Because we really, really need that. Let’s have topics stay in our heads longer, and not spitball a reaction in the form of an unedited first draft.

Ramkumar Shankarthoughts