Singapore invites a top US teacher, Susan Elliot, to conference. Then disinvites her after they discover she's deaf.
Susan Elliot has spent three decades in education and taught thousands of students. She is bright, articulate, and has a great sense of humor. She teaches social studies and history to mainstream and hearing-impaired students-all in the same classroom. Her unique ability to teach social studies and history to both “regular” and hearing-impaired students in the same classroom is a remarkable display of master teaching.

An utter disgrace. Education officials in Singapore can stay on their fucking perch. It’s such a crying shame most people here won’t hear her speak.

In other news, they continued preaching tolerance and diversity here.

Update: Ah, so now they’ve retracted the retraction. Their explanation makes no sense at all though: 

In reply to a query by The Online Citizen over the incident, the MOE said “the withdrawal of our invitation to Ms Susan Elliot was a mistake on our part” which resulted from “our misunderstanding about the need for interpreters and her professional experience.”

At least Susan Elliot was gracious enough to accept the invitation again. A positive outcome overall.