The Chokehold of Calendars

The problem with calendars is that they are additive rather than subtractive. They approach your time as something to add to rather than subtract from. Adding a meeting is innocuous. You’re acting on a calendar. A calendar isn’t a person. It isn’t even a thing. It’s an abstraction. But subtracting an hour from the life of another human being isn’t to be taken lightly. It’s almost violent. It’s certainly invasive. Shared calendars are vessels you fill by taking things away from other people.

“I’m adding a meeting” should really be “I’m subtracting an hour from your life.”

We need a goal-oriented calendar, but first we need to understand why a goal-oriented calendar is necessary.

Very interesting idea here for a goal oriented calendar by Mike Monteiro. He contends that the way calendars work encourages the all too familiar toxic meetings, and I’m inclined to agree. Taking an hour of another person’s time is a serious matter, and the software should reflect that.