The Four People You Meet on Earth « The Bygone Bureau

Despite its widespread adoption, the MBTI has some major holes. Beyond the mind-numbing sixteen categories, the whole system is built on a Mary-Poppins, all-preferences-are-equally-good, superfragilisticexpialidocious worldview that cannot stand up to the experience of anyone who interfaces with humanity on a daily basis.

So, with as much formal preparation for the task as Isabel, I would like to propose a personality typology for the internet era, one that you can apply with simple observation to every single person you meet in a given day.

I have learned to sort people on two dimensions: competence (how smart are they?) and niceness (how difficult are they?). This allows me to place every person I meet in one of these four boxes. I call it The Four People You Meet on Earth.

Great read, which ultimately leaves you with a positive message. The way we choose to react to people and situations makes all the difference in how we live our days.