This factory’s workers rule the world’s finest gadgets’ assembly lines with their two hands, and continuously break trading records that buzz the world, holding the Chinese export champion title for seven years non-stop. But it seems like while they’re controlling the machines, the machines also have them dominated: the parts gradually come together as they move up the assembly line; at the same time, the workers’ pure and only youth also disappear into the rhythmic machineries.

After using the toilet at 4am, I stuck my ear on the workshop corridor wall, and listened to the machines rumbling steadily from all four directions — this is the factory’s heartbeat. The employees work, walk and eat at this beat, so no wonder I was walking so fast, eating so quickly without anyone hurrying me, even though it didn’t feel good. You’re like a component that’s entered the assembly line, just following the rhythm, belonging to that heartbeat at 4am, no way to escape.

Liu Zhiyi after having worked undercover for 28 days at a Chinese Foxconn factory, where Apple (and other) devices are assembled (via Engadget)

This is depressing.