This is precisely what I like about Aardvark

First, I get a message from a friend asking me what the differences are between a digital movie and well, a ‘normal’ movie. She had been looking at movie listings for Iron Man 2 this weekend and had come across two shows (one of which was digital) with the same ticket price. Well, I had some idea about the technology differences but no clue about the implications from the perspective of a moviegoer.

A cursory google search did not reveal much. I then decided to post the question on Aardvark.

in cinemas, what’s the difference between a digital movie and a normal movie? what difference does it make for movie audiences?

My question gets tagged with ‘movies’ automatically, and the system is off looking for people to answer. Personally, I felt ‘movies’ was not the best label, preferring ‘cinema’ or ‘film’ instead. However, I couldn’t find a way to add multiple tags from the gtalk interface. Soon enough and as expected, Aarkvark says it couldn’t find anyone using ‘movies’, but will continue looking.

Long story short, the tag ‘film’ worked. Eventually I had two crisp and clear answers. Both people also responded to my follow-up question on how you make the decision of which version to select. My friend can now make hers, and this will help me too when I go watch Iron Man 2 this weekend.

(P.S. I hope Google and Aardvark are working on something. I’m always apprehensive when Google makes an acquisition, and things get very quiet right after.)