Three weeks at Big Blue

I just joined IBM Global Business Services as a Consultant on the 7th of July. This Friday, I’ll be three weeks old as an IBMer. I’ve spent most of my time so far reading up on the different business lines, the products and services and what and how IBM does things.

The people are fantastic, and I really appreciate the culture which favours guidelines over policing. I have the freedom to work from any location, and I’ve been given all the necessary tools to get my job done. The organization trusts you to take the right decisions.

I’ve already been involved in a project, and I’ll just say there are many acronyms I need to catch up on. And next month, it’ll just be pure training, a formal introduction to IBM, learning, career development and generally how to be an IBMer.

So far, it’s been very exciting and things should get even better.