ThreePointZero/Plan - GNOME Live!

Gnome announces plans for 3.0. Two main (user-visible) features are the Gnome Shell and Zeitgeist. The former is a new way to interact with the desktop, and the latter is a change in the way we access files.

It’s best to see Gnome Shell in action to understand how it works. Zeitgeist on the other hand is easier to explain. The idea is to let you find the documents you want without having to browse through the hard disk filesystem. You can find files by name, comments, tags, timeline among other filters.

The great news though is that GNOME Shell and Zeitgeist have both have been in development for a while now and have working code available. While some these changes represent big changes in the way users interact with the desktop, the plans also seem to fit within the Gnome ideology of evolutionary updates.