VisionMobile :: blog :: Is Android Evil?
What’s even more fascinating is how closed Android is, despite Google’s old don’t be evil mantra and the permissive Apache 2 license which Android source code is under. Paraphrasing a famous line from Henry Ford’s book on the Model-T, anyone can have Android in their own colour as long as it’s black. Android is the best example of how a company can use open source to build up interest and community participation, while running a very tight commercial model.

Insightful post on how open Android really is. We already knew this a bit, but I haven’t seen a detailed breakdown in this fashion before.

From a high level, Google uses 8 control points to manage the make-up of Android handsets:
  • Private branches
  • Closed review process
  • Speed of evolution
  • Incomplete software
  • Gated developer community
  • Anti-fragmentation agreement
  • Private roadmap
  • Android trademark 

Good read.