Why does the world exist?

I just finished this book a couple of days ago. It’s great. Jim Holt takes the reader on an eye-opening tour, discussing the various answers that have been proposed to what he posits as the most essential question about this world: “why is there something rather than nothing?”

We typically tend to identify more with one of two possibilities - that there is a scientific explanation for the existence of the world, or that it exists because of a creator or god. What was especially interesting to me as I read this book is the realization that having to choose between these two sides is profoundly mistaken. Drawing from various philosophical. religious and scientific thinkers, Jim Holt tells us that, in fact, a large number of rather extraordinary explanations are possible and have been put forth for the existence of a world.

In these pages, you will read about faith, philosophy, mathematics, quantum physics and exercises in logic. It’s the equivalent of a satisfying mental workout. Throughout the book, he never fails to respect the people he talks to and their views, and behind his almost child-like inquisitive nature is humility - something we would all do well to emulate.

Ramkumar Shankarbooks