Why lyrics matter

Cosmo Lee for Invisible Oranges:

Lyrics matter. I shouldn’t even have to say this. But I’ve had this chip on my shoulder for a while. It gets heavier every time I get a promo without lyrics – which is 99% of the time now. It gets heavier every time I hear someone say, “Lyrics don’t matter in metal”. This chip has become very heavy. It’s time to cast it off, at least for today.

So we should not volunteer to be ignorant in music, which, if you’re reading this, is probably important to you. Music feeds the soul. It saves lives. It is a source of power. It should be the last place where people don’t have the full picture. Listening to music without knowing the lyrics is like eating food without knowing its ingredients. It’s irresponsible. If music is important to you, take the time to embrace it fully. Know what that guy screaming at you is saying. In real life, you would damn well make sure to know.

Yes, completely agree with this piece. I love lyrics, and it drives me crazy when people ignore them. And it’s equally annoying when bad, sometimes atrocious even, lyrics are allowed to pass simply because “lyrics don’t matter”.

Ramkumar Shankarmetal, music, lyrics